Why Us - Golden Suisse

Why Us

Sustainable Wealth

Golden Suisse’s mission is to secure clients wealth over generations, protecting it against political, monetary and economic instability, including litigation risk.

We strive to be leaders in wealth protection, catering for clients that demand more than average.

The way we work is explained in our 9 guiding rules below, which sustain the name of the Golden Suisse brand.

Gold and Silver Investment Coins

Golden Suisse is the world’s only entity providing investment coins with instant liquidity. Gold and Silver is a base that provides for sustainable wealth preservation that can bridge generations.


Golden Suisse is the world’s only entity that provides private vaulted and segregated gold and silver investment coins with real-time liquidity.


Golden Suisse is not legally required to report client information for several reasons. First, because we are not a bank or financial intermediary, second because we deal with clients private property and regular deposits, thirdly because we segregate clients gold, and finally because we deal with gold and silver investment coins that are “non-reportable”.

Tax Benefits

There are several tax benefits in many countries arising from the use of legal tender gold and silver investment coins, including Capital Gains. Please consult us to find out more about the rules in your country.


Everything we do is transparent, verifiable and audited.

Segregation of Duties

Golden Suisse employees do not have physical access to clients gold. Clients gold is stored and managed by a third party.

Worlds leading Custodians

Clients gold bullion is vaulted at Loomis International in Zurich, which is one of the worlds largest vaulting providers

Geopolitical Security in Switzerland 

Switzerland is geopolitically considered to be the worlds safest and most trusted country to store wealth in, which is why Golden Suisse is incorporated here. Switzerland is a bastion of neutrality during war, and has been a safe haven for finance for a near millennium.

Private Property Law

Golden Suisse’s clients are protected by Swiss Private Property Law. All clients gold is unencumbered private property, and is not subject the exchange of information.

Independent Controls

Golden Suisse works with renown and trusted external audit companies to audit client gold bullion holdings.


Golden Suisse owners and management are all well trusted and renown professionals with many years of experience in the finance and gold industry.

Personal Responsibility

Golden Suisse is personally liable for clients private property, as opposed to other financial institutions who all have limited liability.