Investment versus
Collector Coins
There are two types of gold coins, “Investment Coins or Bullion Coins” and “Collector Coins, or Numismatic Coins”. The main differences between these two types of coins are:
Investment Coins
Standard gold bullion coins are mankind’s oldest of crisis or wealth insurance. History shows that gold in coin form, is a strong investment.
  • Value is based strictly on gold content
  • Pricing is straight forward and transparent
  • Easy to sell even in emergency
  • Big secondary market
  • Can be sold anywhere in the world
  • Very little knowledge needed to buy investment gold coins
Collector Coins
  • Price depends most on rarity and condition
  • Pricing is subject to many factors
  • Novice buyers can easily be fooled
  • Buyers are limited to other collectors
  • Buying rare coins is speculation, similar to artwork
  • A lot of knowledge needed to know how to buy
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