Daniel Weitmann – Founder and CEO

Our Commitment

To be The Worlds Safest Place for your Money

GoldenSuisse was born with the ambition to provide the world’s safest and most trusted solution for storing wealth without compromising on liquidity.

Preserving clients Money in physical gold and stored in Switzerland was an indisputable choice, and easy to implement.

But, providing clients with the necessary liquidity to use their physical gold as money, yet protected outside the banking system, was a greater challenge. This is why we developed the Bullion Master OSX – a Swiss technological money masterpiece and financial fortress – combining 5000 years of learnings from monetary history with forefront financial technology.

Eliminating Risk is at the core of our DNA, and all our undertakings contribute to  strengthening the GoldenSuisse brand for the benefit of our clients.

Ultimately, we see GoldenSuisse as the world’s safest stronghold for Wealth and Privacy Preservation.

GoldenSuisse has been engineered to provide a sustainable financial fortress to protect clients wealth and privacy, and to withstand global financial crisis including situations of war.

Why we are the worlds safest place to store wealth in is explained in our 9 Pillars of Trust, which sustain the name of the GoldenSuisse brand.

Trust must be Verifiable – All  our Trust elements must be transparent, verifiable and audited, and we do not accept “blind trust”, as opposed to many other wealth service providers.

Geopolitical Security in Switzerland  – Switzerland is geopolitically considered to be the worlds safest and most trusted country to store wealth in, which is why GoldenSuisse is incorporated here. Switzerland is a bastion of neutrality during war, and has been a safe haven for finance for a near millennium.

Security of Private Property Law – GoldenSuisse’s clients are protected by Swiss Private Property Law, which is more protective than Banking Law, and provides more security and privacy for clients and their assets. All clients gold coins are unencumbered private property.

Security of  Assets – Physical gold is indestructible, and does not perish. One ounce of gold today is one ounce of gold tomorrow.  We have also chosen gold bullion coins from the United States Mint, as they cannot be counterfeited in the same simple way as gold bars.

Security of Custodians – Your gold bullion coins are vaulted at Loomis International in Zurich, which is trusted to be the worlds safest place to store gold in. The vault is fully insured against all liabilities, including theft and war.

Security of Controls – GoldenSuisse works with the worlds most renown and trusted external audit companies to audit client gold bullion holdings.

Security in Technology – GoldenSuisse uses trusted banking systems, with full encryption and four factor authentication, well beyond regular banking requirements.

Security in Governance  – GoldenSuisse owners and management are all well trusted and renown professionals with many years of experience in the finance and gold industry.

Security in Responsibility – GoldenSuisse owners are personally liable for any loss of clients private property, as opposed to other financial institutions who have no liability at all.