What we do

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs, families and private individuals preserve, grow and transmit their assets over time, by providing a financial environment of zero risk and privacy.

We are committed to a differentiated ownership model, where our partners own and manage the firm, and continue to personally serve clients. Our clients’ interests are our own – our main activity is to serve them.

Wealth Protection and Privacy using Gold Bullion as Money is at the heart of everything we do. We provide wealth, privacy and risk management solutions using gold bullion both to our private as well as our institutional clients, and have developed a much sought-after technology platform.

We listen and advise, we do not sell. At a time when many are going for industrialised and standardised investment solutions, we believe in personal relationships and bespoke services powered by cutting edge technology.

We are solid and stable. We do not leverage clients assets, and hold purity of balance sheet.  We take a long term view in everything we do. Prudence and risk alertness are at the core of our financial strength.

Armed with the ability and drive to relentlessly rethink everything, we focus on providing our clients with wealth protection and privacy, combined with perspectives of long-term financial growth.

We are responsible – with a longstanding tradition of thinking and acting along the principles of social responsibility, sustainability and philanthropy.

Our heritage is Swiss, yet our outlook and mindset are resolutely international.