A Golden Temple

Your private stock of gold coins, held in one of the world’s safest vault in Switzerland, by our partners Loomis International, a world leader in international valuables logistics.

  • Your gold coins are stored at Loomis International in Zurich.
  • Coins are stored in rolls of 20, kept in boxes of 25 rolls (500 coins).
  • We identify each single coin in every box, and register each coin to its respective owner.
  • Loomis Zurich Vault is the largest gold coin storage facility in the world. It is also the worlds largest market for buying and selling gold coins, which makes it advantageous for us to buy and sell coins, and give our clients the best prices in the market.
  • Storage prices are included for 3 months. Above that, fee’s are very competitive at 0.05 %  per month.
  • Ultimately, if you wish you can choose to collect your gold coins at the vault. Pick up at Loomis in Zurich. Simply contact your relationship manager and schedule.

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