Gold coins with technology
Gold coins have been around for 3000 years as a means of payment and storage of value. Even today gold is regarded as the preferred means of settlement between Central Banks worldwide.  Now, reborn in a digital age and delivered to you by GoldenSuisse, 1 Oz gold coins have been re-engineered adding them with features such as:

  • Global Payment Card connectivity to over 35.9 million locations
  • Mobile and online payments
  • Peer-to-Peer payments
  • Access to 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide for cash withdrawal
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Geopolitical Protection


Safer than a bank
Contrarily to modern banks, GoldenSuisse works with “Regular Deposits” in the same way banks used to do before paper money was invented . This means that all gold coins held in our custody, belong to you alone, may not be touched by us, and have to be restored to you by law.

Banks on the other hand work with “Irregular Deposits”, which means that you are not entitled to  full ownership of your own money, being subject to all risks of bankruptcy.


Bank challenger
Although GoldenSuisse is not a traditional bank, we provide you with many of the services big banks offer. When you open an account with us you’ll never need to visit a bank branch. You can manage your entire account with our mobile app and by contacting your Relationships Manager. We don’t charge any hidden fees, and our gold coin margins are the lowest in the market.


Trust yourself
At GoldenSuisse you alone own your private stock of real physical gold coins.  Your gold coins are stored as”regular deposit”, and we are not allowed to touch them without your instructions,  as this would be considered a felony.   You can access your gold coins digitally for daily use, both on your mobile phone and using your GoldenSuisse Visa Debit card. When you do this, you automatically generate instructions for us to liquidate fractions of your stock to cover your purchases and payments.


Value protection
You worked hard creating value, and now you want to protect it.  GoldenSuisse protects you from:

  • Inflation
  • Devaluation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Securities Fraud
  • Unlawful Confiscation
  • Theft
  • War and natural disaster


Delivering peace of mind
Choose to redeem your coins whenever you wish. We will deliver them to you, anywhere in the world,  fully insured, by courier or armoured transportation, through our entrusted world leading partners in secure value logistics.