Performance, Privacy and Protection

Primary Currency in the world – Its the primary currency in the world between central banks, and has been money for over 5000 years. Why should you settle for less?

Return – Average value increase of 5.2% per year over the past 100 years against all other currencies.

Zero Risk – Gold is indestructible, and all central banks worldwide consider Gold to be the only zero risk asset.

Privacy – Gold bullion coins can be kept totally anonymously. With our Bullion Master OSX app, you can also make private transactions outside the banking network.

Inflation – Physical Gold doesn’t inflate.

Bankruptcy Risk – None. Delivered to client’s vault, segregated and fully insured

Liquidity – At the touch of a button

Margins – As low as 1.5%

Security – Geopolitically protected at Loomis vault in Zurich.

All Gold Bullion Coins are 1 Oz Gold Eagles minted by the United States Mint, by decree from the United States Congress.

Gold bullion coins, also called “Investment Coins”, are registered in the clients name, and kept segregated  for the client at Loomis International vault in Zurich.

Each box contains 25 tubes, of 20 coins each, making up a total of 500 coins. Clients can purchase as many coins as required

GoldenSuisse does not mix corporate funds with clients gold coins, and holds “Purity of Balance Sheet”.


Gold Spot Price
Indicative Prices - 1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coins
Sell price
Price over spot offer
United States Mint wholesale price (Benchmark)
Price over spot offer
Buy-Back Market Days 10.30 a.m - 3.00 p.m. UK
Price over spot bid
Buy-Back Market Closed
Price over spot bid, last closing
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