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Our work towards a more ethical gold begins in an illegal Peruvian goldmine, at La Rinconada, the highest city in the world with 70.000 inhabitants, including 520 children living at 5,500 meters altitude.







All Children have the right to schooling and to live in a safe environment in order to prepare themselves for a better future.
Sadly enough, Children never have much choice in choosing the life and environment they would like to live in.
All over the world Children live at the mercy of their parents decisions, sometimes based on intelligent and caring reasons, but more often based on reasons that are not in the child’s best interest.



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La Rinconada is probably the harshest and most gruesome place in the world for any child to grow up in. Children are subject to mercury contamination, oxygen deprivation, a lifespan of 35 years and without prospect of a decent future.



How is it possible then to help the children living in La Rinconada, subject to lethal mercury contamination, with oxygen deprivation and with the prospect boys of ending working in a dangerous mine, and girls in prostitution?


Golden Suisse has established an organisation in Peru called “Golden Child Aid”, to help children in La Rinconada. The organisation includes several sponsors who are helping with logistics, funding and more.

Golden Suisse mission aims to provide all 520 children aged 0-12 years living in La Rinconada with basic needs such as vitamins, warm clothes, medical support and care.

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Golden Suisse’s support includes, administration, logistics and providing technology, in order to source, bridge and overview donations and aid, to make sure it reaches children in need. The way Golden Suisse raises funds is through

  • donations from our clients

  • corporate philanthropy from partners and suppliers

  • fund raising through Golden Suisse events

Our first mission in February 2020 to La Rinconada was successful, and we have established a local organisation, including a network with doctors, school teachers, logistic providers, local administration, and mothers in La Rinconada.



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Alexandra Sundell

VP Corporate Social Responsibility

Golden Suisse works solely with ethical gold and silver. Part of GoldenSuisse’s ethical policy includes actively helping defenseless children in illegal gold mining environments.

Golden Suisse provides technology and resources to source, bridge and overview donations, making sure they reach children in need.