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Accessible online 24/7

Instant liquidity & Fully insured

Golden Suisse provides full and direct client ownership of LBMA bars and Government minted coins, stored in the world’s most secure private vaults.

Private Swiss Bullion Vault

Vault Activation, Online System Access, Private Card, Onboarding Meeting, DHL Delivery of Documents

CHF 430 (Personal ) – CHF 2,000 (Corporate)

Storage Silver

RFQ from our Wealth Managers

Storage Gold

RFQ from our Wealth Managers

Management Fee

RFQ from our Wealth Managers

Card Loads

Mastercard Loads



Exchange between Gold and Silver

Buy and Sell Rates


Transfers to other users


Vault visitation

Visit vault in Zurich

High Security Zurich Vault - 500 CHF / Hour


Costs for delivery and pickup to and from vault

As per separate quotation

Award Winning Systems

The Card

Desktop & Mobile

Gold & Silver

Privately vaulted precious metals

Apply for a
Private Swiss vault account