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Owned by Business PartnersPrivate Swiss CompanySupervised by VQF
Daniel H. E. Weitmann
Swiss Service is our standard
Golden Suisse
Golden Suisse is an Independent Private Company Governed by Swiss Law
As a privately owned company, we’re free from market pressures and external public shareholders looking for ever-improving quarterly results.
Instead, we can focus on serving our clients for the long term.
Our governance model allows us to plot a steady, considered course. Active partners are shareholders, for as long as the working relationship remains.

Corporate governance is a central factor in our business success. It is an essential prerequisite in our attainment of strategic corporate goals and creation of lasting value. For our clients and for all other stakeholders.
The board of directors (the ”Board”) is primarily responsible for supervising the management of the Company’s business and affairs. It’s authority is determined by the provisions of the Swiss Business Company’s Act and by the Company’s By-laws.
In addition, the Board’s activities are governed by a set of procedural rules which are adopted by the Board. The Board regularly reviews its guidelines and policies and, not less than annually, considers how its corporate governance practices align with guidelines established by the Swiss regulatory authorities, including the Swiss Supervising Financial Authority FINMA.

Executive Chairman
The family has been engaged in both
business and in law for many generations, such as supporting the protection of Civil Liberties Rights, including the right to Privacy and Private Property.
Daniel Weitmann studied at MIT, Harvard and Baruch College, and began his career by working in Finance Transformation for large blue chip companies including KPMG, Procter & Gamble, Cobham Plc and Philips in Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland.
Daniel Weitmann was born in Stockholm Sweden in 1965 and is the founder of Golden Suisse®.