Benefits - Golden Suisse


How secure is your money? Physical gold is more secure than any paper backed currencies, stocks, bonds or real estate. It has also increased in value by an average of 5.3% per year for the past 100 years, with absolute zero risk.


How safe is your money in case of a bank insolvency? Bank deposits are only insured up to a maximum of 100.000 EUR, by government deposit insurance guarantees. Golden Suisse Clients have unlimited coverage, because clients have full outright ownership to all of their holdings.


Keeping gold in your own vault is the only legal alternative that allows citizens the liberty to maintain their right to privacy. Banks have been forced to report clients information to tax authorities in the clients home country, although it is controversial if this actually legal.

Tax Benefits

Are you paying capital gains tax of 35% or more on your investments? Gold bullion coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt in many countries, and also enjoy many tax advantages for businesses, when used for transactions, and as financial hedging instruments.

User Friendly

Are you dissatisfied with your financial banking systems? Golden Suisse provides clients with the user friendliness of operating on award winning banking systems, including native IOS and Android mobile apps.


Are you also having trouble converting your gold to cash? Golden Suisse allows clients to access their vault over the mobile app and desktop bank system, so they can instantly convert their gold to cash in real time, and get paid out to a Mastercard or bank account of choice.

Global Payouts

Clients can request global payouts to their bank account, and also to an embedded credit card account.

Free Transfers

Are you having trouble making wire transfers? Golden Suisse allows clients to transfer gold to other users free of charge.