Benefits - Golden Suisse

Currency Risk

What is your currency and market exposure  
Bank deposits and bonds are currently rendering negative interest. Stocks are tumbling. Gold is the only existing “zero risk” monetary asset (Basel III). Gold has been currency for over 5000 years, whereas all other currencies carry risk and have a limited life-span. Gold has also increased by over 20% during the last year, and by an average of 5.3% per year for the past 100 years, all at zero risk.

Bank Risk

How high is your your bank risk 
The level of protection for your bank deposits is €100,000 in the EU, and $250,000 in the US. Golden Suisse Clients have unlimited coverage, because clients have full outright ownership to all of their holdings.

Litigation Risk

What is your litigation risk
Storing “non-reportable “bullion in a private vault outside the banking system is a legal alternative that grants individuals and businesses the liberty to exert their right to financial privacy, and to protect their assets against third party risks, including litigation.

Tax Benefits

Lower your Capital Gains Tax
Specifically gold and silver investment coins enjoy Capital Gains Tax exemption status in many countries. Physical gold can also be used by businesses for transactions, and financial hedging instruments.

User Friendly

Golden Suisse provides clients with the user friendliness of operating on award winning IT systems, including native IOS and Android mobile technology.

Instant Liquidity

The Golden Suisse platform allows clients realtime access to their vault, providing instant settlement to buy and sell. Bullion can be paid for through online banking, and is instantly settled to the clients vault. Sell orders are instantly paid out to the clients embedded Mastercard.

Global Payouts

Clients can request global payouts to their bank account, and also to an embedded visa or master card.

Instant Transfers

Golden Suisse allows clients to make instant transfers of gold and silver coins outside of the banking system to other users free of charge.